Brain of dolphin                                                                             Deer



Head of cattle with median sagittal cut(inside view)          Head of sheep with median sagittal cut(outside view)




  公鸡生殖器 The penis of cock                                           公鸡生殖器 The penis of cock


狗盲肠及阑尾 The cecum and appendix of dog                     狗脑 The brain of dog 


 内脏铸型 The casting specimen of dog’s viscera

火鸡肌肉 The muscle of turkey 


 鸡内脏标本 The visceral specimen of chicken


 马生殖器(雄性)The penis of horse                                马子宫 The uterus of horse



 马眼球 The eyeball of horse                                        马心脏开窗 The horse’s heart with windows